Hi, I'm Samantha Novaes.

The girl behind the lens. ⁣⁣

First and foremost I am a wife and mother. My absolute greatest accomplishments. I turned my photography hobby into a business in 2019 after having our daughter, followed by the pandemic and quitting my 10+ year career in the criminal defense industry to care for my family full time. 

I have most enjoyed photographing couples, families, and their sweet kids. Something about capturing those important moments in time that they will soon grow out of, but will now have those memories to cherish for a lifetime.  This I hope to continue for all the families that will have me!

I decided to take the leap and fill an opening at the Florida State Fire College as their photographer for the Firefighter Minimum Standards Class! My husband has been in the fire service for 9 years and through him my interest for photographing fire was sparked. I’m am excited I get to capture the journey of these young men and women as they learn and grow into their new careers as firefighters! 

Thank you to my sweet husband for this beautiful shot. Yes, he now believes he is a professional. You may see him second shooting my sessions. ;-)

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